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[pre-order] Toco-Oco - single shot

NT$ 4,180.00

| single shot | 

。Artist : toco-OCO

。Size : 24 cm 

。Price : 4180 TWD 

。Material :resin, hand paint color, mix media

。Selling time : 6/1 6pm - 6/3 12pm 

。Working time : 4 months 


| 關於作品 |











“目標男孩” 笑了,



| Single Shot |


This piece represents an agreement between two people, the archer who is present by the arrow, and the "target boy". 

The relationship that is established is not like a hunter and a prey or a sniper and a victim. They are linked by an affective bond, there is full trust between them. The hard thing was never hitting the apple, but the chest of the one you love, so the boy comes with that target marked, to remind the shooter that their pact are bigger than his own existence. The elements that make up this image are purposefully clashing, he is wounded in the chest but smiles. And the apple that would be the likely target remains intact.

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