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Elf art doll - BunnynMouse

NT$ 1,350.00

🌟Artist / Brand  BunnynMouse

BunnynMouse is a art brand from Mexico, using Elf as main idea to create doll in to character. 

Handmade elf stuffed cloth doll, it has a soft body, it's cute face, hands, feet and ears are made from cold porcelain and handprinted with acrylics and varnished, it has a mushroom pendant, and a pouch, inside he carries a crystal bottle with a tiny note inside. The cloths are made up of fabric.

🌟 GOOD detail

。Handmade item

。size : 26 cm x 12 cm

。Materials : resin, hand painting color, Mixed media

。The head can be moved.

。These colors of clothes is "somethingGOOD" special order color.

🌟 Collector notice 

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  2. Shipping will takes time, so please make sure to be order.
  3. All artwork are handmade, we can’t 100% make sure its that prefect  you liked.  Please make sure BEFORE  make the order.
  4. We don’t offer the refund because you don’t like it. 
  5. International  order we will use the EMS as the usual selection, but if you are ok to be waited and want to cost down on shipping, please connect us.